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  5: How to Conduct Yourself with Allah

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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with Allah

Part 5: How to Conduct Yourself with Allah When You Talk to Him

When you talk to Allah recognize that you are speaking to Someone entirely different from anyone you have spoken to before. So put forward your ultimate politeness and humility, very much as if you have been sentenced to death and stand now for one last chance before the family of the victim. How would you speak? No doubt you would weep and plead desperately for salvation. In this same way, beg Allah, asking him to save you from the fire, “Oh Allah forgive me and have mercy upon me!” Unfortunately, most of us when we ask of Allah we ask with a passionless frigid heart. But the Prophet pbuh said, “Call upon Allah with certainty that He will answer, and know that Allah will not answer a prayer coming from an unmindful heedless heart.”

The key to an answered prayer is a proper acceptable supplication (which fulfills the conditions laid down by Allah and His Messenger). As Umar may Allah be pleased with him said, “It is not the answering of the prayer that I worry about (as Allah has ensured this), but the supplication itself. For if I have been inspired (by Allah) to make a (proper) supplication, then the answer to the prayer comes (undeniably) hand in hand with it.”
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5: How to Conduct Yourself with Allah
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