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 How to Conduct Yourself with Allah 4

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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How to Conduct Yourself with Allah

Part 4: How to Conduct Yourself with Allah when He Loves You

How would you feel knowing that as you live on this earth, going to work, eating, walking in the markets, Allah from above the seven heavens holds much love for you? Can you imagine what it must feel like knowing that the One who is needed by all of humanity has chosen you out of so many of His servants, for His love? He, Subhana Wa Ta’ala, does not love all of His creation as much as he loves you. Believe me, this is far greater than anything our minds can grasp and imagine. Allah says, “.. a people He will love and who will love Him..” (Al-Ma’idah, 54) It is not astonishing when Allah says “they love him”. But what is astonishing is when He says “He loves them”. Ibn AlQayyem said, “It is not astonishing to see a servant striving to draw near to his master duly serving him to the best of his ability, for this is the norm. But what is truly astonishing is when the King, Himself generously gives and draws near to His servant through endless bounties and blessings while the servant turns his back away.” And to Allah belongs the most noble of examples.

Our Lord subhanah deals with kindness and generously gives to His servants while the servants turn away from Him. But when the King loves one of His servants- this indeed is the real success! Don’t take Allah’s love heedlessly, so you don’t take it for granted. For if Allah loves you, He gives you of all that is good and wards away from you all that is evil and harmful. Never be afraid.. You are Allah’s beloved… What could you possibly fear after that?? In return, you have to be deserving of Allah’s love. And when you do earn His love, ask Him for more and increase in your supplication to Him. And if anything bothers you then seek His refuge and you will not be harmed- because Allah says of those He loves: “..Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it...” And should someone harbor enmity for you, then he is destined to ruin! Allah says in a Qudsi Hadeeth, “Whosoever shows enmity to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him!...”

So how do you know if Allah loves you? The answer: One of the signs is that the people around you will love you. One might say, “Will all people love me?” The answer: No. No one has ever earned the love of all people, not even the prophets. It is specifically the love of the righteous for you- if the righteous love you then this is a sign that Allah loves you. And it is a sign that all of the inhabitants of the heaven above love you- from angels to the bearers of Allah’s throne. And if you were to ask people, “why do you love so and so?” They won’t really know but they will know one thing- that from the first instant they saw this person a great love filled their hearts. Astoundingly, even the non-living things will love you. The Prophet peace be upon him used to say, “Uhud is a mountain who loves us and we love him.”

So returning to our question, how do you conduct yourself with Allah when He loves you?

1. If Allah loves you then it is of the most due humbleness and humility to leave that which you love and desire for what He loves and desires. So you prioritize that which He loves over that which you love.

2. If He loves you, then strive to worship Him as if you can actually see Him- to the point that He becomes the hearing with which you hear and the vision with which you see and the hand with which you strike- meaning everything you do becomes for Allah’s sake. And here we come to the Fiqh of Niyyah (Intentions), where we transform even those aspects in our lives considered permissible actions, into acts of obedience and good deeds. Ibn Rajab said, “.. and when the intention behind a permissible desire becomes for the sake of regaining the strength to fulfill Allah’s commands, then this desire transforms into an act of obedience which he will be rewarded for.” As did say Mu’ath, may Allah be pleased with him, “I entrust (for the sake of Allah) my time of slumber just as I entrust (for the sake of Allah) my time of qiyam (night prayer).” Meaning that he affirms the intention with his sleep, to strengthen himself for the night prayer. Thus he reaps rewards for his sleep just as he reaps the rewards for his qiyam. Some of the Salaf (pieous predecessors) said, “For the God-conscious, the time of rest for him is worship, and the time of worship/obedience for him, is rest.” And affirming the right intention is not a tiring thing. Have you ever heard anyone say to you, “Oh, I’m exhausted.. I made many intentions today..” No, of course not. So don’t work for nothing. Reap rewards for all that you do throughout your day, simply with, the right intention.

When Allah loves you, you are suddenly inspired to search for all that Allah loves so you can fulfill it! When Allah loves you, you might get surprised however, that the trials begin to come your way. One will say, “Where’s the love??” Remember what the Prophet peace be upon him said, “If Allah loves a people, He tries them.”

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How to Conduct Yourself with Allah 4
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